Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction claims

Frequently asked questions about online benefits services

I started making a claim more than 14 days ago and didn't finish it properly, but now I can't log back into it; what happened?

For security reasons, we can only hold incomplete or unsubmitted claims for a period of 14 days from the date they are first started. If your claim is not completed and submitted within this time, it is removed from the system and will need to be started again.

I've forgotten my tracking reference; what do I do?

Your tracking reference would have been displayed to you onscreen when you saved your incomplete claim; if you entered an email address as part of your details, you will also have been sent an email when you saved your claim and this will contain your tracking reference.

There is a function on the retrieve page to request a forgotten tracking reference; please check your spam or junk email folders for this email as it can sometimes be sent there.

If you did not enter an email, or have simply lost your tracking reference or forgotten it, we may be able to help you. Please call 0300 330 7000 and select Benefits when asked. One of our staff will check your details for security reasons, then check our systems to see if they can retrieve your information. This is not always possible and we recommend you make a safe note of your tracking reference to prevent this being required.

Your tracking reference is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as it appears; to avoid issues, please do not attempt to copy and paste this key from your email.

I have a technical issue with my claim form: what can I do?

If you are suffering technical problems and cannot fully complete the form without encountering issues, please contact us on 0300 330 7000 during the hours of 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday, and we will try to help.

Alternatively, you can come into the One Stop Shop at the Guildhall, or visit your local library, and fill in your online claim from there.

Due to the many different software and hardware differences that may be involved in the device you are using to access the form, we cannot offer personalised technical guidance.

My address doesn't show up in the list properly when I look for it; what do I do?

There are many different reasons for this:

  • The property is not within Northampton Borough and you need to claim Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction from your correct council (you can check which local authority area you reside in by visiting www.gov.uk and entering your postcode)
  • The property is a new build within Northampton borough (or a repurposed, previously existing property) and we have not yet received notification from the Valuation Office Agency to tell us it has been completed/amended
  • You may live on a houseboat with a mooring that the Royal Mail does not recognise
  • You may live in a static caravan on a site which the Royal Mail does not recognise as separate residential accommodation.

In any of the last three cases, you can enter an address manually on the page where you are asked for your address:

  • Click the "I don't know the postcode" link;
  • You will then see a link called "enter an address manually"; once you click on this, it will open a section on the form where you can type in your address details and progress with the form.