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What documents do I need to support my new claim?

You need to provide documents to Northampton Borough Council Benefits Section that confirm things about you, your partner and children (if appropriate).

You must provide all documents to support your benefit claim within 1 calendar month of the date you made that claim; if you do not do so, your claim will be treated as defective and no award will be made.

  • Identity (e.g. birth or marriage certificate, passport, National Insurance number card, medical card, driving license (we need to see both the paper and card documents for the new style licenses), UK residence permit, EU identity card or a recent gas or electricity bill).
    Please note: we are unable to accept copies of Identification documents; we must see originals of these.
  • National Insurance number (e.g. NI number card, payslips or letters from Social Security or the Tax Office).
  • Earnings - (your last 5 payslips if you are paid weekly or last 2 if you are paid monthly; accounts for the last financial year if you are self employed or trading records so far if your business is new).
  • If you have just started working we will calculate your claim based on a letter from your employer confirming your new salary
  • Capital, savings and investments (e.g. your bank, post office or building society books, full bank statements, certificates for National Savings Certificates, ISAs, Tessas, stocks, shares and unit trusts.   Mini-statements from ATMs are not sufficient proof of capital amounts; the evidence you send must show details for the last 2 months)
  • Benefits, allowances, tax credits or pensions (e.g. current award notices or letters from social security confirming how much you get. We may be able to check for some Social Security benefits).
  • Other income received (e.g. pension slips from a former employer, letter from the court showing maintenance payments, evidence of any board and lodgings paid to you, etc.).
  • Other money paid out (e.g. letters about student grants or maintenance, agreements or receipts from registered child careers).
  • Evidence of a private rent and tenancy (eg such as a rent book, rent receipts, a tenancy agreement or a letter from your landlord, or we can supply a form
  • Other information may be requested by the benefit assessor handling your claim, depending on your specific circumstances. The assessor will contact you directly to request this if it is required.

How long does the claim take to sort out? 

Once we have completed your application and have all your supporting documents, we can complete an assessment of your entitlement to benefit. Benefit is usually awarded from the Monday after the claim is received at the council offices.

We aim to process and have your claim in payment within one calendar month of you providing all the evidence and information to allow us to action it.

You have up to one calendar month from the date your claim call is taken to provide your supporting evidence but we encourage you to do this immediately. If there are special circumstances that mean that there will be a delay in obtaining evidence, please tell us straight away.

How can I provide evidence for my claim?

Scan and email documents to Northampton Borough Council Benefits Section

The easiest way to provide these is by scanning the documents and emailing them to

If you do this, please make sure you quote your Benefit Claim Reference number when sending us any information.

We are unable to accept copies of Identification documents; we must see originals of these.

Bring in documents to be copied

If you do not have access to a scanner and you need to bring your evidence into the One Stop Shop at the Guildhall; our opening hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

When you report to reception, you will be given an allocated 10 minute slot during that day for you to have your documents scanned for you; please make sure that you arrive promptly so you can be seen at your designated time.

How much benefit will I get?

We take into account:

  • Your income
  • Any savings you may have
  • The size of your family
  • Non - dependants

and therefore the amount can vary substantially.

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