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Online claims

Please make sure you read all the information on this page before starting, to ensure that you are able to make an online new claim for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction with Northampton Borough Council.  

You should not use the online new claim form to:

  • submit changes to an active claim (if you have received notification that your claim has been suspended, you need to follow the guidance issued in the letter you received)
  • submit changes to a claim for Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction which you have already made (either via the online new claim form, or when making a claim for benefit with DWP)

You can submit any changes that need to be made to existing claims on our change of circumstances form.

Please do not use the online new claim form to submit changes to a new or existing (suspended or active) claim.

Making an online new claim: the validation check

In order to see if you can make a claim online, or whether you need to contact us to make a telephone claim, we have added a validation checker.

Answering the questions on the form will enable you to see if you are able to submit an online application for benefit, or whether your circumstances are such that we would need you to submit an assisted claim.

How do I make a new online new claim?

We recommend you read all of this page, and read the guidance information before you start to make your online claim.

The first part of the claim process indicates whether or not you have a potential eligibility to Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction, based on the information you have entered; this will show up on the summary screen.

At this point you have not submitted your claim; you must click the "Claim" button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen and follow the screens afterwards to electronically submit the claim, and provide the evidence requested to the council as soon as possible.

You will be directed back to the front screen when you have done this so you will know that the process has been followed correctly and your claim has been properly submitted.

Please make sure you enter an email address so that your electronic receipt will be mailed to you upon completion of your form; this will confirm that your claim has been submitted correctly and enable us to investigate if you have a query about your claim.

Retrieving a part-completed claim

If you have partially completed a claim form, saved it, given it a password and have the reference code, you can access the page then click the "Retrieve button". You will then need to enter the code and the password to continue where you left off.

Both your password and the code reference are case sensitive.

Frequently asked questions

What do I do if my situation is flagged by the validation checker (e.g. I want to claim Second Adult Rebate only, etc.)?

If you fall into one of the categories listed above, please follow the instructions on the screen at that point and call 0300 330 7000 to speak to our specialist advisors who can help with your specific needs.

What documents will I need to support my claim?

I have already submitted a claim (either via DWP, or using the online new claim form) but want to make a change to the information I supplied; can I submit a new claim to do so?

No; this online new claim form only allows you to make a brand new Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction claim. 

If you are already have a claim for Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction, or have submitted a new claim within the last two weeks (either via the online new claim form, or when making a claim for benefit with DWP), you can submit any changes that need to be made on our change of circumstances form.

You should not use the online new claim form to submit changes to a new or existing (suspended or active) claim.

How do I provide evidence for my claim?

Scanning and emailing documents to Northampton Borough Council Benefits Section

The easiest way to provide these is by scanning the documents and emailing them to

If you do this, please make sure you quote your benefit claim reference number when sending us any information.

We are unable to accept copies of identification documents; we must see originals of these.

Bringing documents in to be copied

If you do not have access to a scanner and you need to bring your evidence into the One Stop Shop at the Guildhall; our opening hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

When you report to reception, you will be given an allocated 10 minute slot during that day for you to have your documents scanned for you; please make sure that you arrive promptly so you can be seen at your designated time.

I started making a claim over a month ago and didn't finish it properly, but now can't log back into it; what happened?

For security reasons, we can only hold incomplete or unsubmitted claims for a period of 1 calendar month from the date they are first started. If your claim is not completed and submitted within this time, it is removed from the system and will need to be started again.

I have entered my password wrongly more than 3 times and have received a warning; what is this?

To protect your details, the system contains a security feature that is designed to prevent unauthorised users from accessing your information. If you incorrectly enter your password 3 times, you will be issued with a warning message indicating that your data will be deleted if another unsuccessful attempt is made. 

If a further attempt to access the claim form is made with an incorrect password, the system will automatically delete the held information to prevent it from being accessed.