Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTRS)

Apply for Second Adult Rebate

You should claim Second Adult Rebate (2AR) if:

  • your income is too high to claim Council Tax Reduction (CTR)
  • the additional adults living in the property are on benefits or otherwise on a low gross income.

If you are the only person who is liable to pay the Council Tax on your home, but you share your home with one or more persons who are over the age of 18, you can claim 2AR for them if they:

  • are not paying you rent for living in your home
  • do not have to pay the Council Tax
  • are not your spouse or partner
  • they have a low gross income

2AR cannot be granted if the claimant has a partner resident in the property.

How 2AR is calculated

2AR is calculated differently from main Council Tax Reduction; it is based on the combined gross income of all the second adults living in the property.

How to apply

Apply for Second Adult Rebate (you must be the Council Tax payer)

You will need to provide:

  • proof of identity
  • National Insurance Number
  • date of birth
  • proof of the gross income of the additional adult(s)

Eligibility for more than one discount

2AR can be awarded to reduce your Council Tax bill by up to 25%.

If you are entitled to Council Tax Reduction and Second Adult Rebate, we will pay the one which gives you the most money. This is called a betterbuy calculation.