Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTRS)

Applying for Council Tax Reduction

The Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTRS)  is a means-tested council tax reduction. How much support you receive will depends on you, your partner, your household income and capital.

Each Local Authority has their own Council Tax Reduction scheme; for details of our local scheme, visit the CTRS page by clicking on the link below.

Our Council Tax Reduction Scheme

How much will I get?

  • If you are of working age you will receive a maximum of 65% support towards your Council Tax bill.
  • If you are of state pension credit age, you are eligible to receive a maximum of 100% support towards your Council Tax bill.

How do I qualify?

  • You must live in the property you're applying for.
  • You must be on a low income. This can be DWP benefits or low paid work.
  • You must be the person responsible for paying the Council Tax bill.
  • You and your partner must not have combined savings or capital of £16,000, unless either of you is receiving Pension Credit (Guaranteed Credit).

Your Council Tax bill

If you qualify, you'll get a new bill for with the reduction taken off the balance.

Your bill will show benefit for the whole year. This could change if your circumstances change throughout the year.

If your income is too high for Council Tax Reduction, you may qualify for Second Adult Rebate if a second adult (other than a partner or jointly liable person) is living at your property and is on a low income.

Second Adult Rebate

How do I apply?

You can apply for CTR by clicking the link below and following the on-screen instructions.

Apply for Council Tax Reduction online