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People living with dementia

As part of the Northamptonshire Dementia Action Alliance, we are aware of the impact dementia has on the individual and their family.

The installation of a lifeline can open up many solutions to support someone living with dementia to remain at home.

Case study

Mrs H lived in her own home with her dog for many years.  She was diagnosed with dementia and one of the symptoms was that she would become confused when she took her dog for a walk; this led to her family having concerns about her living at home. They really wanted to keep her at home as she loved her home and her dog.

We installed a door sensor that meant that whenever Mrs H opened the door to let her dog out, we could speak to her and encourage her to stay in and, once the dog has been in the garden for a bit, to call him in and lock her door.

This meant Mrs H, with the support of the door sensor and her family, could remain in her home for many more years.

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