Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG)

What is the Disabled Facilities Grant?

Apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant assessment online.

A Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) is a grant administered by the local council available to fund a range of work that will help a disabled person remain in their home. It has to be supported by an occupational therapist recommendation.

It is paid when the council considers that changes are necessary and appropriate to meet your needs, and that the work is reasonable and practical.

What type of work is covered?

  • Widening doors or installing ramps
  • Installing a stair lift so there is better access to a bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom
  • Improving or installing a heating system which is suitable for the disabled person
  • Adapting heating or lighting controls so that they are easier to use by a disabled person
  • This list is not exhaustive

Who is eligible?

  • If you are a home owner, rent your property from a private landlord or you live with someone who is disabled you may qualify
  • A landlord may apply on behalf of a disabled tenant
  • Housing association tenants can apply for a grant but the council will assess your needs and inform the housing association of the outcome and seek permission for any necessary works to take place.
  • The person who applies for the grant does not have to be the disabled person who needs the adaptations but they will be asked to sign a certificate stating that the disabled person will occupy the home being adapted for at least 5 years. The time can be shorter because of the disabled person's health or other relevant factors.
  • You will need your landlord's written permission for any adaptations to be carried out so it is best to seek approval before an application is made

How to apply

Apply online

Or you can contact the Private Sector Housing Team:

Telephone: 01604 838585
Email: pshs@northampton.gov.uk

We will make an appointment with you for a case officer to assess your needs and decide the right course of action for you.

Completing the paperwork

As it is a lengthy and complex application form the case officer allocated to your case will assist you in completing the application form.

As the DFG grant is subject to a mandatory means test we will also need to verify your income and savings and talk you through the process.

An informal test of resources will be carried out by the case officer and you will be notified of the outcome so an informed decision can be taken as to whether you wish to continue with the process.

Once we have received your completed and validated application we will process it and notify you of its approval or otherwise.

How much grant is paid?

The maximum grant amount payable is £30,000.

The proposed works must be reasonable and practicable depending upon the age and condition of the property and must be necessary and appropriate to meet the disabled person's needs. The council can refuse a Disabled Facilities Grant if they believe that the scheme is not practical

How is the Disabled Facilities Grant calculated?

The grant is means tested to ensure that those in the most need get the most help. It is determined by the income and capital of the disabled person and their spouse/partner. It takes into account the person's average weekly income and any savings above a set amount.

If the person's resources are below a certain level a full grant will be paid. People in receipt of benefits such as Housing/Council Tax Benefit, Income Support or Pension Guarantee Credit may be entitled to a full grant.

For clarification please ring the Private Sector Housing team on 01604 838 585

If the work is for a disabled child, a means test no longer applies.

Getting the work done

  • Your approval documents will advise you of the amount of grant you will receive and any contribution you will have to find towards the works. We will also write to the builder to advise them they have won the contract. You will then have a year in which to get the building works done
  • You then need to contact your builder to discuss a start date with your builder
  • The work must not begin before you receive your approval document
  • Once the work is complete we will make a final inspection to ensure it has been done satisfactorily and the grant monies can be paid
  • In the case of any unforeseen extra work being needed please contact us immediately

How is the grant paid?

  • We may pay the grant in instalments as the work progresses or once all the work has been completed
  • The grant is paid when we are satisfied that the work has been satisfactorily completed and in accordance with the grant approval
  • Grants can only be paid on provision of appropriate invoices, safety certificates, warranties and completion notices
  • The grant is usually paid directly to the contractor
  • The grant cannot be paid retrospectively

Contact details

For further information and advice on the DFG please contact:

Private Sector Housing
Northampton Borough Council
The Guildhall


Telephone: 01604 838 585
Email: pshs@northampton.gov.uk