Northamptonshire Local Government Reform


How much will it cost to put these changes in place? And how much will it save?

The estimated costs are set out on page 24 of our Prospectus for Change.

NCC has had significant debts so will we end up with two new unitary authorities in the same situation?

Our aim is to ensure that any proposed new unitary councils are financially sustainable. With a later Vesting Day than originally considered, we have an opportunity to change how we deliver services so that they are easier to access for residents and deliver savings.

The district and borough councils, along with the new leadership at the county council, have made it clear to the government that they are very keen to leave the past behind, and are keen to work with the government to resolve any financial challenges and deliver future success.

Meanwhile, the county council continues to work alongside commissioners and an Improvement Board to tackle the financial challenges it faces.

What will happen to the current money that district and borough councils hold as reserves when unitary councils are formed?

Any money that councils hold as reserves, that is equivalent to the savings they have in the bank, would be pooled. It will be for a new council to decide how they will then be used.

What allowances will the new councillors get paid?

That will be for the new councils to decide.

How much will the elections to the new unitaries cost?

The elections to the new unitaries are likely to cost about the same as the elections to the District and Borough Councils in 2019 would have done.