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Available downloads

Scrap Metal Dealers Licence

Licence - tattooists, acupuncturists, ear-piercing and electrolysis

Licensing Policy

  • This document accordingly sets out the Licensing Authority's Licensing Policy within the parameters of the Licensing Act 2003 and the statutory Guidance issued thereon, which will in turn provide the framework governing the Authority when considering the control of licensed premises, qualifying clubs, temporary events and other matters within the terms of the Act. It is not intended to duplicate existing legislation that already places obligations on employers and operators.
  •  Statement of Licensing Policy (PDF / Size: 699.48 KB)

Gambling Act 2005

Application for the registration of a food business establishment

Personal licence change of address form

Hackney Fares Tariff

Hackney Driver & Vehicle Local Conditions

Private Hire Driver & Vehicle Local Conditions

Food premises - approval

Car Boot

  • Car Boot Application
  •  Car Boot (PDF / Size: 91.95 KB)

Sex Establishment

Taxi Age Policy - Equalities Impact Assessment (EIA)

Gambling Act Relevant Authorities

New driver application

Street Collection Local Policy

Small Society Lottery Returns Form

Personal licence application

Statement of Licensing Policy Consultation 2015

Private Hire Operator Fees

Taxi & Private Hire Vehicle Inspection Manual

Licensing Fees

Information Temporary Event Notice

Information Premises Licence

New private hire driver application: frequently asked questions

Complaints guidance

DVLA Mandate

Leaflet distribution application

Register Dog Boarding Establishment Licences

Taxi and Private Hire New Vehicle Licence Application

Vehicle Terms & Conditions

Licensing Act 2003 Responsible Authorities

Taxi and Private Hire Trade Newsletter

Vehicle Renewal Process Guide

Guidance Alcohol/Regulated Entertainment Licences on Public Parks/Open Spaces

Small Society Lottery Application

Air Quality Annual Status Report

Northampton Borough Council Licensing feed