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Area name
East Northampton NN3
Distance from town centre:

4.2 miles
By bus - 35 minutes  By car - 14 minutes
By bike - 27 minutes 

Bus service timetables



  • Lings Primary School 
  • Blackthorn Primary School
  • Greenfields School and Sports College (special - secondary)
  • Billing Brook Special School (special - all through)
  • Northampton Academy (secondary)
  • Weston Favell Academy (secondary)


Children's centres

Blackthorn Children’s Centre provides support, activities, health and education services to children up to 5 years and their families.

Health & medical

The nearest GP Surgeries are Rillwood Medical Centre, Weston Favell Health Centre and Lings Brook Practice.
Click here for more information on healthcare in the area.


Find the opening hours, contact details and facilities at Weston Favell Library


On  Billing Brook Road there is a mini-supermarket and a Community Centre. Lings is very close to Weston Favell Shopping Centre, which has a supermarket, banks, opticians and a wide range of shops.
Lings Forum Leisure Centre features a cinema and a timetable of health and fitness facilities and activities for under 5s to over 50s.



Parks and open spaces

Open spaces include Lings Wood, a local nature reserve covering 22 hectares.

Places of worship

Places of worship for a wide range of faiths are easily reached via transport links.