Far Cotton and Delapre

Record details

Area name
Far Cotton and Delapre
South Northampton NN4
Distance from town centre:

1.9 miles
By bus - 10 minutes  By car - 7 minutes
By bike - 11 minutes

Bus service timetables

  • Gloucester Road Nursery
  • Abbey Primary School
  • Queen Eleanor Primary School
  • Delapre Primary School
  • Abbeyfield School

More on schools in this area

Children's centres

Gloucester Nursery School’s Children’s Centre provides support, activities, health and education services to children up to 5 years and their families. 

Health & medical

Delapre Medical Centre is situated in Delapre and Penvale Park Medical Centre is in nearby East Hunsbury.
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Find the opening hours, contact details and facilities at Hunsbury Library


Delapre is the location for the nationally significant heritage site, Delapre Abbey, with extensive and well-maintained grounds and gardens for the public’s enjoyment. Within the area there is a Supermarket, a pharmacy, small shops, food outlets and Post Offices.

Parks and open spaces

Open spaces include the Delapre Park Estate and Far Cotton Recreation ground.  

Places of worship

Places of worship for a wide range of faiths are easily reached via transport links.