Northampton Borough Council is committed to open and accountable governance. Recent additions to section 11 of the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) brought in through the Protection of Freedoms Act have added a requirement for public bodies to publish Datasets.

Datasets are part of the open government agenda begun with the FOI legislation in 2000.  Its aim and focus is to increase transparency in all tiers of central and local government. Datasets promote the sharing of raw data held by public bodies with the wider community who may wish to use the data for a wide variety of purposes including research, reports or base data for application construction. 

The links below take you to Datasets by category and are in open, computer readable formats that can be easily reused. As more Datasets are identified or requested this area will grow.

Anyone can use a Dataset and you don't have to apply or ask for permission; but you are required to agree to the terms of the Open Government Licence for public sector information. Otherwise, you are free to use the data as you wish provided it is attributed. Some Datasets do however require a slightly different licence because they may contain otherwise licensed data or chargeable elements. If this is the case you will be directed to that licence or application process on the relevant page.

We'd love to hear how the Datasets are being used. For example, tell us about the app you've created and we'll share and promote it. There are already a number of innovative applications being developed by organisations around the country. Email us at [email protected]