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Unwanted recycling boxes

Please leave your unwanted recycling boxes at the kerbside, as Veolia are collecting daily. Alternatively, you can use your boxes for storage or additional recycling alongside your new recycling bin.

Council Tax: pay by direct debit

You can choose to pay by direct debit on the 1st, 11th, 20th or 28th of each month.

New Council Tax direct debits and change of account

If you wish to:

  • Set up a brand new Council Tax Direct Debit if you don’t currently pay this way,
  • Change the bank/building society account you are paying your direct debit from

then please complete our online form.

Changing an existing Council Tax direct debit

If you already pay your Council Tax by direct debit and wish to:

  • Change the instalment date of an existing Council Tax direct debit
  • Change the name on the bank account you use for your Council Tax direct debit or
  • Request 12 monthly instalments instead of 10

you can email us at - please include your full name, address and Council Tax reference number where possible.

Alternatively, you can notify us by phone; ring our Customer Services Team on 0300 330 7000. 

Please have your bank details with you when you phone.

Contact us about your Council Tax direct debit

If you need to contact us to discuss your Council Tax direct debit, you can:

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