Councillor allowances

Guidance for members

2019 - 2020

Make a claim for councillor travel and subsistence expenses (councillor use only) 

Councillors are able to claim for travelling and subsistence expenses in accordance with the Members' Allowance Scheme found at part 6 of our constitution.

The rates apply to travel and subsistence are determined with reference to the Independent Remuneration Panel and current approved rates published by the HMRC for the financial year.

Previous years

Rates - 2020/2021

Rates payable to councillors are as follows:

Description Amount
Basic allowance    £7172.90  
Leader   £18465.04  
Deputy leader   £11079.03 60% of leader's amount
Cabinet members     £10155.77 55% of leader's amount
Cabinet Member for Environment     £10155.77
Cabinet Member for Housing           £10155.77
 Cabinet Member for Finance     £10155.77
Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Engagement     £10155.77
Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Enterprise (60% of the Cabinet Member SRA of  £9761.41)     £6093.46
Deputy Cabinet Member for Planning (40% of the Cabinet Member SRA of £9761.41)     £4062.31
Chair of the overview & scrutiny committee     £6462.76 35% of leader's amount
Leader of main opposition     £6462.76 35% of leader's amount
Chair of the Planning Committee     £5539.51 30% of leader's amount
Chair of the Licensing Committee     £5539.51 30% of leader's amount
 Chair of the Standards Committee      £2769.76 15% of leaders amount
Leader of third group     £3693.01 20% of leader's amount

The above figures are gross.

Co-optee allowance

Independent chair of the audit committee: £4510.13

Parish councillor co-optees to standards committee: £535.91

Independent member co-optees to standards committee: £535.91

The above figures are gross.

Breakdown and comments

All councillors will be entitled to a basic annual allowance. In addition, they may also be entitled to an additional special responsibility allowance if they hold other positions in the council.

If a councillor holds more than one position, he/she will be entitled to only one additional payment.

In addition to allowances and expenses, councillors have to declare gifts and hospitality.

To locate each councillor's declaration of gifts and hospitality, please click on each individual councillor, then register of interest and scroll to section 14.