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Citizens Account: forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password for your Citizens Account, you can request a temporary password to enable you to log in and change your permanent one.

Request a temporary password

You can access the Citizens Account start screen from the link below.

On the far left of the screen, you will see a link for 'forgotten password'; if you click this you will be prompted to enter your Citizens Account username, then when you click 'next' it will ask for the answer to the security question you chose as part of verifying your account originally.

Once you have entered the answer to this question, the system will automatically issue you a temporary password.

This temporary password is one use only (so you must remember to change your permanent password once you have logged in), and it can take up to an hour before from the time of request before the password becomes active for use; please wait at least this long before trying this password.


If you have other issues with your Citizens Account, you can