A guide to cemeteries

Towcester road cemetary

Cemetery services

We maintain seven cemeteries, which are Kingsthorpe, Dallington, Duston, Towcester Road, Great Houghton, Weston Favell and Billing Road.

If you have any problems or queries or wish to meet someone at the cemetery, contact the Cemetery Office:

Contact us

Northampton Borough Council
Cemetery Office
Westbridge Depot
9-13 St James Mill Road 

Telephone: 01604 436622

Email:  [email protected]

Opening times 

The cemetery office is open Monday - Thursday 8am - 4:30pm and Friday 8am - 4pm.

Cemetery charges

You will need to contact the cemetery office as charges change year on year.

Cemeteries in the area

The three cemeteries which currently serve the area for burials are:

  • Kingsthorpe (Harborough Road North - NN2 8LU)
  • Towcester Road (Hardingstone - NN4 8LS)
  • Dallington (Harlestone Road - NN5 6AB)

The above cemeteries plus Duston (Berrywood Road or Westfield Road - NN5 6RB) are available for the interment of ashes.

We have three other cemeteries within the borough:

  • Billing Road (NN1 5DE), which is a closed cemetery
  • Great Houghton (NN4 7AT) and Weston Favell (NN3 3BU) which are restricted cemeteries: this means only remaining interment spaces within a purchased grave can be used.