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Useful Links - Gender, Gender Assignment/Identity and Sexual Orientation

Introduction: "Gender", "Gender Identity", "Gender Assignment", "Gender Reassignment" - what's all this about?

Putting it simply, how you identify your gender is by understanding what it means to be a boy or girl, man or woman. This is as a result of taking into account attributes and characteristics that our culture expects to go along with belonging to being "male" or "female". "Gender" relates to how the individual lives, as a man or woman. "Sex" relates to the biology of the individual, whether (s)he is male or female. The term "Transgender" refers to an individual who lives a gender that does not match his or her "sex".

The law protect the rights of individuals in regards to gender reassignment (also referred to as 'gender identity' and 'gender assignment') from when an individual first tells a medical practitioner that (s)he would like to begin this process, through to getting a a Gender Recognition Certificate, which enables them to get a new birth certificate with the new personal information listed after gender reassignment.

The following links provide information about legal duties and good practice in relation to gender assignment and sexuality.


United Nations ECE Gender Statistics Website

Equality and Human Rights Commission: summary of rights
This includes an overview of rights in different situations including at work, as a consumer and in public services

Gender Equality: Council of Europe


Parental Rights and Responsibilities

Gender Recognition and Transition

Research on barriers to participation in public life for LGB and T people

Equality and Human Rights Commission: Transgender section
This includes articles on appropriate use of language, case decisions and details about people's rights in different situations

Gender Recognition Panel website

Guidelines for Employers on Gender Reassignment at Work

Guidelines for Employers on Transition at Work

Guidance for local authorities - transgender people - provision of goods, facilities and services 
New guidance in 2010 by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission

Sexual Orientation

Your sexual orientation means the general attraction you feel towards people of one sex or another (or both). Legal protection from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation applies to everyone, whatever their sexual orientation.

LGBT Consortium
Supports member organisations to develop capacity and infrastructure to meet the needs of LGBT people

NBC is a member of Stonewall's Diversity Champions programme. Stonewall works with a range of agencies to address the needs of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals in the wider community, campaigns and lobbies for changes in the law and works with employers and others to help them be LGBT-friendly

Stonewall Diversity Champion scheme powerpoint presentation

The Colour of Your Money
Stonewall guide to LGB people's rights since the 2007 Equality Regulations

Bisexual People in the Workplace: Practice Guide for Employers
Stonewall guide which highlights the often negative difference in experience as compared to people of other sexualities.

Bullying Prevention Guide: a Stonewall Guide
Available to download in pdf here or from Stonewall

LGBT Groups Locally include:

Northampton Lesbian Line: a group offering help, support and events

There are several groups with Facebook presence. We have provided some links (as 'likes') on our Northampton LGBTQ People's Forum Facebook page.

Last reviewed: 9/2/2012