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Useful Links - equality data and population information

To help services make informed decisions about the impacts of what they do, proposals for change and development, they need to know about the communities they serve.

Some information is gathered from customer feedback, complaints, monitoring forms etc.

Other information relies on looking beyond the Council for information. Below are some web resources available to provide information. The Quick Start Guide to the Equality Duty says that public bodies should draw on the wealth of equality information available from external sources, such as census data and the Office for National Statistics.

Public bodies should not collect data which is available elsewhere and they do not need to re-publish such information - but if they have drawn on it, they should reference it, for example in Equality Impact Assessments, and should explain what information they have used and why.

Separate pages in these equality web pages give links to information about particular types of protected characteristic, for example, about particular types of disability or faith.

Published Council documents mentioning equalities information

Examples include:

Workforce Equality Report - this includes looking at the workforce in detail in relation to each of the protected characteristics

Equality Impact Assessments - these consider specific policies or practices with regard to each of the protected characteristics. They include prompts for authors to reference equalities information relied on and to identify any relevant gaps in information available and how to fill those gaps.

Housing Strategy - this is published together with its EIA. The documents include detailed equalities information broken down into the protected characteristics.

BME Housing Strategy - this is published together with its EIA. The documents include detailed equalities information broken down into the protected characteristics.

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment - a countywide study to find out the needs of the community. 

Customer Service Satisfaction Surveys - Monthly surveys conducted by customer services.

Information Sources about the Population from Outside the Council

Crime and Policing - Local information

Disability Equality Indicators - Office for Disability Issues

Disability-Related Harassment Inquiry (including "Hidden in Plain Sight" report) - Equality and Human Rights Commission

Disability Harassment and Hate Crime Report on Under-Reporting
by Trailblazers (young adults with muscular dytrophy)(Feb 2012)

Economic Inequality in Britain - Report of the National Equality Panel
This looks at people in terms of protected characteristics.

Equality Measurement Framework
a measurement framework that can be used to assess equality and human rights on things people say are important for them such as standard of living, being healthy, opportunities for education, being free from crime and the fear of crime. It includes people with regard to characteristics such as age, disability, ethnicity, gender, religion or belief, sexual orientation, transgender and social class

How Fair is Britain?
Detailed reporting by the Equality and Human Rights Commission including about issues such as standard of living by protected characteristic. The reporting also highlighted the need for all local authorities to address "identity-based bullying" (hate crime) among young people as one of 15 significant challenges for our society - recognising that the incidents reflect and impact on wider community issues e.g. may lead youth to leave education and fail to gain employment.

Labour Market Statistics - Office of National Statistics

Labour Market Statistics - Nomis Web
You can sign up for monthly emailed updates e.g. for Northampton area.

Northampton Observatory
It is a gateway to impartial and objective research, statistics and expertise on the county. It is free, interactive and simple to use.

Neighbourhood Statistics
Free to access. Lots of information about local communities and lifestyles in local areas. Can be searched by borough, post code or other types of area.

Northants Infrastructure Consortium: Voluntary and Community Sector: Statement about "the state of equalities"
This is from 2011 and due to ongoing challenges with reducing funding availability from various sources, proposed cuts to legal aid etc, the situation may be continuing to change.  

Rough Sleeping figures - Autumn 2011


Regional Equality and Diversity Partnership
a partnership of Voluntary and Community Sector organisations working across the East Midlands. REDP is made up of 25 organisations representing all protected characteristics.

Communities of Practice
Secure online network for professionals in the public sector to share best practice.

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