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Renting a garage


Northampton Partnership Homes has a number of garages available to rent at competitive rates.

Anyone can apply to rent a council garage. Council tenants receive priority, but they must have a clear rent account.

Garages cost around £9 per week to rent although non-council tenants will be charged 20% VAT on top of that.

How to apply

Apply online for a garage

Once we have received your application we will put your name on the waiting list. When a garage becomes available, we will contact you.

Our garage allocation policy

Garages are for personal use only and not for running a business- they are intended purely for the storage of a motor vehicle.

They are not sufficiently weather tight or secure for the storage of any other goods. You should not store petrol or any other inflammable materials in your garage. You should also not sublet your garage to anyone else.

Giving up your garage

We require at least one week advance notice if you want to give up your garage. When you give us back the keys the garage should be empty and swept through. We will charge you if we have to clear it.

Download a termination of garage tenancy form here

Garage arrears

It is very important to keep a clear garage rent account.

When you rent a garage you enter into a License Agreement with Northampton Partnership Homes and become a licensee. As a licensee you do not have a secure tenancy so if you do pay your rent on time, Northampton Partnership Homes does not have to apply to the court for a Possession Order. If your garage account falls into arrears for too long or rises to an unacceptable level the council will repossess the garage.

Northampton Partnership Homes will serve a quit notice on your garage if you have been in arrears for 3 weeks, or fail to clear persistent low-level arrears.

If your garage is repossessed and found still to contain goods, you will be contacted and asked to remove them. You will be charged for the cost of garage clearances and lock changes. These charges will be added to any arrears you have outstanding.

What to do if you fall into arrears

Most arrears cases can be dealt with relatively simply, provided licensees get in contact early enough. Ignoring the situation can only make matters worse. If you have any queries then contact Northampton Partnership Homes on 0300 330 7003 and speak to a customer services officer.

If you have any queries, please contact us on 0300 330 7003

Telephone lines are open Monday to Friday  from 9.00 am to 5..00 pm. (Please note that some calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.)

Or visit us at the One Stop Shop where a Housing Customer Services Officer will be able to assist.

Or email: