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Useful links - race, religion & beliefs

To help people looking for particular types of information, the links on this page are divided into

  • general
  • culture, ethnicity and race
  • faith communities and belief.


Northampton Diverse Communities Forum
Minutes and Agendas:
Facebook page for sharing news etc
Web pages incl. links to local groups at


Northants Rights and Equality Council

Culture, Ethnicity and Race

BBC: Race Section - Comprehensive compilation of news stories and analysis covering a broad range of race related issues in the UK.

Community Radio: Inspiration FM
Northamptonshire's Multicultural Radio station. Also broadcasts the Inspirations show on BBC Radio Northampton on Sunday afternoons.

Friends, Families and Travellers
Concerned with rights and justice, their site also includes links to Gypsy and Traveller organisations

Operation Black Vote
The first initiative to focus exclusively on the Black democratic deficit in the UK on the premise that without a strong political voice for African, Asian, Caribbean and other ethnic minorities, the ideal of equality of opportunity will not be realised.

Polish community in Northamptonshire - BBC Article
As a local Polish club closes, the article finds that in contrast to older Polish people living in Northants, many young Polish people are not interested in integrating into local communities as they are only intending to be in the UK for a short time for work.

Yes We Can: Advancing Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority people in local government
Research commissioned by the IDeA shows that black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) staff tend to remain in the lower echelons of local government. Research highlights a number of features that can be regarded as 'good practice' in relation to BAME staff.

Faith Communities and Belief

BBC Interfaith Calendar
Includes Salah calculator to help people work out prayer times

BBC Religion Homepage
Information about different faiths

Churches Together in Northampton
bringing churches together and looking to work with local councils

Faithworks (Northampton)
a network of Churches and Christian organisations, exploring better ways of working with local communities and agencies

Muslims in the workplace: a good practice guide

Northampton Islamic Association
NIA wishes to work hand in hand with organisations, (Muslim and non Muslim) civic institutions, and political bodies to achieve the positive integration of Muslims in the local community. The group's work includes having produced an Islamic Awareness exhibition.

Tell Mama: Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks
This website offers free ways for anyone to report islamophobic incidents e.g. via telephone, text, email, tweet or Facebook message. It is not intended to be a replacement for the Police. In emergency people should call the Police on 999.

Last updated: 21/2/2012