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Requires buildings to be constructed so that they are structurally sound and gives simple design rules for most masonry and timber elements in traditional domestic buildings.

Fire safety

Covers all fire precaution measures including means of escape in case of fire, detection and warning systems, structural fire resistance, fire separation and access for fire fighting.

Site preparation and resistance to contaminants and moisture

Includes requirements for weather and watertightness of buildings, site preparation and measures to deal with contaminated land and gasses from the ground as well as the control of condensation in roof spaces.

Toxic substances

Controls against the use of certain toxic materials in buildings.

Resistance to the passage of sound

Includes requirements for sound insulation between buildings, rooms for residential purposes and between rooms in dwellings in new and existing buildings. Also covered are acoustic standards for schools.


Includes standards for ventilation in domestic and commercial buildings.


Includes standards for the provision for washing and sanitary facilities and requirements in respect of unvented hot water storage systems.

Drainage and waste disposal

Covers provision for foul and surface water drainage.

Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems

Covers the construction installation,and use of boilers, chimneys, flues, hearths and fuel storage installations.

Protection from falling, collision and impact

Includes standards for the safety of stairways, ramps and ladders as well as requirements for ballustrading window guarding and vehicle barriers.

Conservation of fuel and power

Covers thermal requirements for dwellings and non-domestic buildings.

Access and use of buildings

Includes access requirements to dwellings and non-domestic buildings. Also covers the provision of accessible sanitary conveniences.

Glazing - safety in relation to impact, opening and cleaning

Includes requirements re the use of safety glazing, awareness of glazed areas in buildings and the uses, operation and cleaning of windows.

Electrical safety

Covers the design, installation, inspection, testing and safety of electrical installations.

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