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Northampton Borough Council

Becket parks imagesBecket's Park is a traditional park along the bank of the River Nene, and forms a green gateway to the centre of Northampton. It's a great place for those based or working in the town centre to relax.

How to find Beckets Park


Becket's Park Cafe Open daily May - September 11am-6pm
Weekends only Sept/Oct Noon-5pm

All subject to weather permitting and according to demand.

History of the Park

1164 - Thomas Becket drank from well on edge of park - trial in Northampton

1460 - War of the Roses, Battle of Northampton in Delapre - crossed river into park

1590 - Milling on site - Nuns mill given to Delapre Abbey

1612 - Flat racing on the site

1783 - Construction of promenade - New Walk

1841 - Promenade extended - Victoria Promenade and down to river

Mid 1920's - Bowling green and tennis added to add attraction

1931 - Promenade improved as part of Festival of Britain

1937 - Boat rides developed along river