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Comment on a planning application

Please ensure that you quote the application number when making any comments.

For further information on an application, please contact the case officer. Any observations you make should relate to the proposal, land issues and not property values.

All comments received in respect of planning applications will become background papers (as defined in the Access to Information Act 1985) and accordingly will be available for public inspection and will be published on the council’s website.

Search for a planning application

For ease of access, links to prominent applications are given below.


N/2016/0412 Bedford Road/Liliput Road (Brackmills) Planning Application
N/2014/1429 Dallington Grange
N/2014/1269 University of Northampton Park Campus
N/2014/0475 Housing Development, University of Northampton Park Campus
N/2014/0213 Project Angel
N/2014/0068 Liliput Road, Brackmills
N/2013/1133 Franklins Gardens Northampton Saints RFC Stadium
N/2013/1063 Northampton South Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE) Phase 1 detailed: land to the north west of Collingtree village and south of Collingtree Park (Turnberry Lane), Northampton
N/2013/1035 Northampton South (Collingtree) SUE Outline Application
N/2013/1048 Sixfields Stadium
N/2013/0912 Northampton University Nunn Mills
N/2013/0338 Hardingstone Sustainable Urban Extension
N/2013/0333 Avon Nunn Mills
N/2011/0997 Upton Park

Weekly list of applications

See a list of applications received in the last six weeks.

Viewing applications

For a complete list of all documentation in respect of any application please contact the Planning department on 0300 330 7000, or through the contact the council link at the bottom of the page.

Copies of current planning applications can also be viewed at the One Stop Shop in the Guildhall.

All documentation relating to any application can be requested from the planning department and viewed at the One Stop Shop.

Please allow at least a day's notice for the retrieval of the relevant files, since these have all been placed in storage.

Fair Processing Notice issued under the Data Protection Act 1998

The council is registered to collect, hold and process personal data with the Information Commissioner's Office under the notification number Z5256045

All personal data is collected and processed in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the 8 Data Protection Principles. For a more detailed explanation of your rights relating to the data held go to ‘ICO Guide to handling data correctly’.

Information is published in line with the PARSOL guidance version 2 – Planning and Building Control Information Online.

All observations, objections and supporting comments submitted to Northampton Borough Council are public documents. Therefore the information you submit in response to a planning application will be publicly available as part of the planning application file and made available for any member of the public to view in person. This may include your name, address, comment made and if you are supporting or objecting to the planning application.

Specific personal contact data such as your email address, signature and telephone number will not be published on the Northampton Borough Council website but retained for contact purposes only by the planning department at Northampton Borough Council. You should also be aware that your name, contact address and comments may be more widely published on the web in relation to public planning committee meetings within minutes and agendas relating to the planning application and any subsequent appeal hearings held by the Planning Inspectorate.

In submitting a comment on a planning application you agree for your information to be held and processed for the purpose(s) and in the way detailed above.

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