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To comment on the application you will need to enter the application number N/2016/0412 (this can be copied and pasted into the form). The link will open in a new window.

Once you have entered the application number, click on "Search".  Then select the "Comment" tab (top right-hand corner).

Other correspondence relating to the application may be viewed by clicking the "Documents" tab.

For ease of access, links to the principal documents are listed below.

Application Covering Letter (PDF 4.7MB)
Covering letter (revised documents) 6 May 2016 (PDF 279KB)
Application Forms (PDF 12.2MB)
Drawings (revised May 2016) Site Location Plan (PDF 12.2MB)
Existing Site Plan (PDF 708KB)
Drawings list (PDF 34KB)
Drawings (1-15) (PDF 6.15MB)
Drawings (16-21) (PDF 10.41MB)
Documents Planning Statement (revised May 2016) (PDF 3.9MB)
Statement of Community Involvement (PDF 10.3MB)
Design and Access Statement (revised May 2016) (PDF 2.3MB)
Sustainability Statement (PDF 3.4MB)
Construction Management Framework Plan (PDF 1.3MB)
Site Investigation Report (Part 1) (PDF 14.07MB)
Site Investigation Report (Part 2) (PDF 4.9MB)
Landscape and Visual Effects (Part 1) (PDF 3.9MB)
Landscape and Visual Effects (Part 2) (PDF 12.8MB)
Non-Technical Summary (revised May 2016) (PDF 1.4MB)
Environmental Statement Contents: Documents (PDF 315KB)
Environmental Statement (revised May 2016)
(PDF 11.54MB)
Appendices 1-9 (except 5)(revised May 2016) (PDF 14.18MB)
Appendices 10-12 (PDF 11.4MB)
Appendix 5 - Transport Assessment (PDF 6MB)
Appendix 5 - Transport Assessment Framework Travel Plan (PDF 9.2MB)
Appendix 5 - Transport Assessment (Appendices part 1) (PDF 12.5MB)
Appendix 5 - Transport Assessment (Appendices part 2) (PDF 3.7MB)
Appendix 5 - Transport Assessment Technical Note (PDF 249KB)
Appendix 5 - Transport Assessment Technical Note 2 (PDF 75KB)

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