Northampton Borough Council
Northampton Borough Council

Changing address (moving into, out of or within Northampton)

Moving home

It is important to promptly tell the council that you have moved address so we can correctly send you a new or revised bill, or calculate any refund you may be entitled to.

We have an online form to the right for you to tell us about your move.

Not sure if Northampton is your local authority?

You can find out which local authority you need to contact by searching on the GOV.UK local authority finder.

Moving into, within or out of Northampton

Use this form if:

  • You are moving into Northampton for the first time, or you were not paying Council Tax at your last address (e.g. you were living with parents or a friend)
  • You currently live in Northampton, are responsible for Council Tax, and you are moving to a new address in Northampton where you will also be responsible for paying Council Tax
  • You are moving out of Northampton, or if you are moving within Northampton, but you will not be the person who is paying Council Tax at your new address (e.g. you have moved back with parents, to a shared house or joined someone who already lives in the property)