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Student Review 2016

Who is classed as a student?

There are three main categories of students for Council Tax purposes:

  • You are a student if you are undertaking a full-time course at a college or university in the UK
  • 2: under 20 years old in part time or full time education;
  • 3: foreign language assistant - registered with the Central Bureau for Educational Visits and working at a school or other educational establishment.

Properties that are occupied by full time students only are exempt from payment of Council Tax. You will need to ensure that the Council receive "Certificates of Full Time Education" from all residents confirming their student status before this exemption can be applied to your Council tax account.

If you are a student and you share your address with someone who is not a full time student, then we can reduce the Council Tax bill by 25%.

If you are a student and you share your address with two or more joint tenants who are not full time students then there is no reduction, and the people who are not students will be named on the Council Tax bill.

Which properties are exempt?

  • Houses and flats where the only people who are living there are full time students
  • Halls of residence
  • Additionally, the foreign spouse or dependant of a student may live in such a property without losing the exemption, as long as the terms of their visa prevent them from taking paid employment or claiming benefits.

How do I apply for this exemption?

You will be asked to upload a copy of the Certificate of Full-Time Education for each student living in the property.

This is a general guide to Council Tax and is not a substitute for the relevant statutes and regulations.

Student reviews

The council has a duty to review Council Tax exemptions and discounts we grant when students occupy a property. We do this to ensure our records are up to date, that we are aware of the names of the people living at a property, which occupiers are full time students, and to confirm that any reduction is correct.

We send a review form to all customers who qualify for a reduction and ask for the names of the occupiers, the date they moved in, confirmation whether they are full time students and ask for a copy of their certificate of full time student status.

Accredited Student Properties

If this property is accredited by the Northampton Student Accreditation Scheme there is no requirement for you to supply a copy of the occupier’s certificates of full-time student status; however, we do need to know the names of the occupiers and whether they are students.

If the property is not accredited through the Northampton Student Accreditation Scheme , or is accredited through another scheme, you will need to supply copies of the occupier’s certificates of full-time student status.

If you are an Accredited Landlord, you can now confirm these details online without the need to return a review form.  You can click on the link at the bottom of this page to supply the council with these details electronically.

Landlords who do not have web access may continue to return the paper review form as normal.

When we receive your on-line details of the occupiers, we will e-mail you confirmation that your account has been reviewed, and whether we require any further information. If you provide us with a daytime telephone number we may ring you instead.

The council undertakes a random check of accredited student landlord properties, and in some instances we may contact you and ask for a copy of your student's Certificates of Full Time Education for audit purposes.

Date last reviewed: 12 September 2016